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ImPACT Testing Sign-up

2019-2020 Baseline ImPACT Sign-up

All prospective 2019-2020 high school student-athletes who do not have a current, valid baseline ImPACT test should click the sign-up link below to sign up for and attend a baseline testing session. A current baseline test is one that has been completed in the last two academic years beginning in high school. All incoming 2019-2020 freshmen and new or transfer students will need to sign up and test. All 2019-2020 juniors and anyone who does not have a current test will also need to sign up and test.

Parents can check on the status of their child's baseline ImPACT test by logging into their parent account on FinalForms. From there you can click on Profile under each of your student-athlete's names and scroll down to Concussion Test History. A current test will appear as a green box with a number and clock symbol. This number indicates the number of days until this test expires. You may also hover over the number with your cursor and it will display the exact date the test will expire. Any tests that appear with a red or yellow number means the test is either currently expired or will soon expire. A student-athlete must have a test with a green number be eligible to participate at the start of the 2019-2020 athletic sports season. Those student-athletes with no test history are those without any record on file (e.g., all 2019-2020 freshmen). If your 2019-2020 high school student-athlete does not have a test with a green icon, they will need to sign up for and attend a baseline ImPACT session.

Click Here to Sign Up For a Baseline ImPACT Test!

**All testing sessions are subject to change due to facility conflicts or low sign-up volumes**


  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address you provide after signing up.
  • If you need to change the date or time you have signed up for you can delete the previous session by clicking on Edit My Sign Up within your confirmation e-mail and selecting Delete on the subsequent page, then sign up for your new testing time.
  • You will receive a reminder e-mail approximately 24-hours prior to the testing session you signed up for.


What is the baseline ImPACT test for?
The baseline ImPACT test is an individualized analysis of a student-athlete's neurocognitive brain function in a healthy state. In the event that a student-athlete sustains a head injury, this analysis will be used as a normal, baseline value to compare to the post-injury test value to help determine which, if any, neurocognitive functions are impaired by the injury. The ImPACT test is not considered a diagnostic tool, but is used in the evaluation and management processes for concussions.

Why is the baseline test only valid for two years?
Because adolescent brains develop at such a rapid rate, it is recommended that student-athletes be tested every two years to ensure that the baseline test most accurately reflects their current neurocognitive functioning.

How long will the test take and do I need to bring anything?
The testing session will take approximately one hour start to finish. However the test itself is only about 20-30 minutes long. The rest of the time is spent familiarizing student-athletes with concussion information, as well as general athletic training information. Student-athletes are required to attend the session in its entirety, or they will not be allowed to test. Parents are asked not to stay for the test and you do not need to bring anything with you.

Where is Room 117 at East?
In the main hallway across from the library.

For questions please contact:
Zeeland East Athletic Trainer:
Jason Burgess

Zeeland West Athletic Trainer:
Diana Albers
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