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3 months ago @ 6:41PM

Antigen Testing Exemption

Attention Zeeland East and Cityside Spring Athletes and Parents:

Any spring student-athlete who tested positive for COVID-19 via a diagnostic (PCR) test on or after January 12, 2021 is eligible for a 90-day antigen testing exemption starting on the date of their test.

Athletes who meet this criteria must request a signed letter from their primary care physician (PCP) containing the following information:

  • confirmation of PCR test date

  • statement that the patient "meets the criteria for exemption from the MI Safe Sports Testing Program for 90 days after the positive PCR test date."

Letters can be requested through and downloaded from your primary care office's patient portal (where applicable). Once downloaded they can be uploaded through FinalForm via your parent portal by clicking on the folder icon to the right of your student's name.  Exemption letters can also be faxed to Zeeland East (Fax #: 616-748-3198 Attn: Athletic Office).

Letters must be submitted prior to testing on Monday, April 12th for the exemption to be provided. Students who meet the above criteria but do not provide an exemption letter will be required to test in order to participate.

Per the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), PCR test results alone do not qualify as an exemption letter. Also, antigen and antibody tests do not qualify as diagnostic testing for the purpose of being exempt from testing.

Note: If the 90-day exemption expires prior to an upcoming testing date (each Monday until the end of your respective sports season), the student will be required to test in order to participate.

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